Introducing Clynk: Cash for Pitney Meadows

Pitney Meadows volunteer Tom Garrett has created this short video to explain how Clynk works. 

Tom Garrett hopes you'll adopt a new way of recycling bottles and cans. If enough people switch, it could generate thousands of dollars annually for Pitney Meadows. 

Rather than painstakingly feed your cans and bottles one-by-one into plastic-, aluminum-, and glass-chomping machines, you now can just throw them into a bag that, when full, you drop off at a local Hannaford, Garrett says. Attach to the bag a label that's properly coded and the deposits you paid when you bought your beverages will be redeemed to Pitney Meadows. Just, "Bag it, Tag it, Drop it!"

This simplified approach is made possible by Clynk, one of the fastest-growing bottle redemption services in the country, which has recycled more 900 million containers since its inception in southern Maine in 2006. In alliance with Hannaford, CLYNK offers a convenient and easy bag-drop system that, as Tom says, eliminates waiting in line and laboriously "feeding the monster." 

For every 100 families that join the effort, Pitney Meadows could reap as much as $7,000 annually from Clynk, Tom thinks. 

"This may take a while to reach critical mass, but if we can effectively mobilize hundreds of volunteers and supporters, we can generate a substantial revenues year after year for the farm," says Garrett who, when he's not volunteering for Pitney Meadows, is an agent affiliated with Howard Hanna Real Estate Services. 

The easiest way to participate is to go to Clynk's website and create your own account. Clynk will send you a coupon that entitles you to ten free bags when you take it to a Hannaford store. Through a simple process performed online, you may transfer your Clynk earnings to the Pitney Meadows account. 

Tom is a volunteer who contributed hundreds of hours last year to installing utilities, renovating the old slaughterhouse into "Bill's Gathering Barn," and building the high tunnel. He has an interest in recycling that dates back 15 years to bottle drives he would help to run with his son to support the Boy Scouts. 

"This is a year-round bottle drive that Clynk makes simple to manage and join," he says. "By using Clynk, we're spared the hassle of feeding our recyclables individually into a machine. Instead, we can drop off entire bags, and let the company do the rest."

We have at least 100 volunteers and if they got 10 of their friends Clynking, "This could be huge for Pitney Meadows Community Farm"